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Tori Fenderson
Name Tori Fenderson
Gender Female
Age Teen (Start)
Adult (End)
Life state Human
Romances Jai Fenderson (Spouse)
Siblings None
Children None
Marital status Married (Jai Fenderson)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Skin color Light
Body shape Thin
Traits Over Emotional

Party Animal

Zodiac Sign Taurus
Lifetime Wish Seaside Savior
Favorite music Pop
Favorite food Pancakes
Favorite color Purple
Other information
Career Education
Appears The Sims 3 Generations LP
Neighborhood Lucky Palms

Tori Fenderson (née Dunbar) is a Sim in LifeSimmer's Generations LP. She is Jai's wife.


Season One Edit

Tori was the "popular girl" of Luna's generation. She is referred to as "the girl Luna Fenderson always wanted to be." Tori became her rival when she danced with Luna's crush, Dedrick, at a teen party. Luna challenged Tori to several fights during their teenage years, but Tori won them all. Despite the ongoing rivalry with Luna, she began going steady with her younger brother, Jai, but they broke up when she aged into a young adult. He asked her to be his prom date and she accepted. She showed up despite being a young adult. After Jai aged into a young adult, he proposed marriage to Tori. In the Generations finale, Jai and Tori had a private wedding and move out together, even though Luna wasn't very happy about it.

Season Two Edit

Tori and Jai do not appear in the Season 2 premiere episode. Lifesimmer says that she will be moving Tori and Jai in to Lucky Palms soon. A picture of Tori and Jai at the prom was seen in Episode 2 during a tour of the traditional Fenderson house.

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