Vincent has just got back from launching a major satellite and is shocked to find out that his crazy girlfriend Samantha Hayden has asked him to marry her after three weeks of dating, two of which he has been away. Samantha storms off and leaves Vincent on another search for love. Part 2 Bowling Fun Vincent and his two friends Sherman and Greg go out bowling. When he is bowling he meets the Barista Naomi Huntand the ugly lifesimmer. Just when everything is going well Samantha shows up with Vincent's rival and lifesimmer tried to sleep with Johnny Cullen. Worried that he will seem threatened Vincent tries to flirt with three other girls who all rejected him. Part 3 Sasha Wants Money In this part Greg sets Vincent up for e-dating and he meets a girl called Sasha. He meets her for a date at the general plaza. She asks him if he minds if she tries on a few clothes. Vincent says he doesn't. She tries on about five outfits and Vincent ends up paying for them. Vincent suddenly gets saved when his old friend Dr. Oglethorpe shows up and hits it off with Sasha. Part 4 Voice Over Vincent asks Alexa out for a date and she says yes. She cuts him off whenever he tries to introduce himself. Samantha poisons Alexa's food and she falls asleep. Vincent leaves and goes back home. Part 5 First Kiss In this part Naomi and Vincent get together and have their fist kiss. They played some darts and cuddled on the sofa. The next night they gathered at Vincent's house and made out in a hot tub. Part 6 Fire and Pogo Sticks In this part Samantha comes over and ruins our stereo so we can not play music. Vincent told her to get out but she wouldn't. Samantha burst the pipes on his sink and then set his pool table on fire! Then Vincent goes on a date with Naomi and Samantha and Johnny turn up. Naomi and Vincent fight them and win. Part 7 The End In this part Naomi and Vincent gather and Vincent asks Naomi to move in. She says yes and the two go outside to watch the stars. Suddenly a satellite comes out of nowhere and crushes Naomi. Vincent pleads with the Grim Reaper for her life and he says that he would have to give up his house and all his belongings. Vincent chooses Naomi and they live together in Poverty.

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