The Sims 3 University Life LP
Theme University
Total Episodes 35
First Episode March 5, 2013
Last Episode June 13, 2013
Unique Sims Leonna Giovinni
Sophia Meller
World(s) Aurora Skies
Sims University
Let's Play The Sims 3: University Life is Lifesimmer's LP based around University Life expansion pack for The Sims 3. It started on March 5, 2013 with two sims by the names of Leonna Giovinni and Sophia Meller. It ended on June 13, 2013 with 35 episodes.


Two new sims from Aurora Skies travel to university to explore the University Life expansion pack.

Leonna and Sophia are an unlikely pair, Leonna being an geeky nerd despite looking like a super model, and Sophia being a popular party animal. But, through the power of friendship they fought against the stereotypes and went to university together. Leona majored in Science and Medicine, while Sophia majored in Communications.

There, Leonna met Muhammad, another informed "nerd" with the worst hair dye job in history (Banana Blonde with black roots). Sophia started dating the campus jock, Spencer Thomason. But aside from acquiring boyfriends, Sophia and Leona made very odd friends. Sharon, a plant sim, quickly became friends with Sophia.

As their grades began to slip, the girls decided to move from their invading dormmates into their own home with Muhammad. After moving, the girls started working on their grades, both hoping to graduate with at least a C. Muhammad had no trouble keeping his grades up. After studying, Sophia spent her small amount of free time writing her trashy novel and trying to get more blog followers.

When graduation came, Leonna graduated with a C. Sophia accidentally skipped her graduation, but would have also graduated with a C.

After leaving University the girls decided to move in Spencer, Muhammad, and Sharon. Soon after the friends moved in, Leonna and Muhammad's relationship slowly began to turn sour when Muhammad started flirting with Sophia, ruining the girls' friendship. Leona kicked Muhammad out and started raising her gardening skill, as she wanted to have a plant child. She planted her daughter, Clover, and waited for her to grow. Meanwhile, Sophia and Spencer got engaged. Sophia forced Spencer to work out so he could fit into his old tux, as he had gotten fat. After a while, Clover had outgrown her pot! Leona knew that motherhood, and science were what she had always wanted. Spencer and Sophia were soon married, and decided to move into a new house with Leonna, and Sharon.

At the new house, Leona decided she wanted another child but couldn't get pregnant as she was still single, so Leona genetically created a baby that would grow to look exactly like her. Sophia and Spencer got pregnant and had their first son, Silas. After having Silas, Leona, Spencer, and Sophia decided that there was really no room for Sharon, so Sharon soon moved out. With their family growing, Sophia and Spencer got pregnant once again in the final part of the LP.


University Life LP has total of 35 episodes

1 Create-A-Sim March 5, 2013
2 Bonfire Party March 6, 2013
3 First Class March 7, 2013
4 Juice Kegger March 8, 2013
5 Study Hard !! March 9, 2013
6 Exams March 12, 2013
7 Boyfriends March 14, 2013
8 Fires March 19, 2013
9 Caught Cheating March 21, 2013
10 Term End March 23, 2013
11 Fighting March 26, 2013
12 Pickle Jar March 29, 2013
13 Cinnamon April 1, 2013
14 Textbooks April 5, 2013
15 Toga Party April 7, 2013
16 Graduation April 7, 2013
17 Plant Sims April 9, 2013
18 Forbidden Fruit April 10, 2013
19 Grow BABY grow ! April 13, 2013
20 Plant Baby April 13, 2013
21 Video Game Developer April 16, 2013
22 Clover's Birthday April 21, 2013
23 Leona Birthday April 24, 2013
24 Power Surge May 3, 2013
25 Wedding Bells May 6, 2013
26 New House May 8, 2013
27 Nice Party Dina ? May 11, 2013
28 Cloning May 16, 2013
29 Hoarding PlantSims May 22, 2013
30 Baby Silas May 23, 2013
31 Cinnabon Rolls! May 26, 2013
32 The Blue Lagoon May 28, 2013
33 Mini Spencer June 1, 2013
34 Teenage Years June 8, 2013
35 Finale June 13, 2013

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  • The Sims 3: University Life is the ninth expansion pack for The Sims 3. It was released on March 5, 2013.