The Sims 3 Showtime LP
Theme Showtime
Total Episodes 35
First Episode May 11, 2014
Last Episode August 30, 2014
Unique Sims Mariah Swan
Naomi Bender
Trey Doran
World(s) Starlight Shores
Let's Play The Sims 3: Showtime is Lifesimmer's LP based around The Sims 3: Showtime expansion pack. 

There series launches with three unique Sims: Mariah Swan, Naomi Bender and Trey Doran.


The series originally focused on the lives of three characters, all of whom take on Showtime careers. Mariah Swan, the singer, is the first to be introduced. Naomi Bender, the acrobat, was introduced second, a character inspired by the character of the same name from The Wolf of Wall Street. The third and final character is Trey Doran, a magician. He is the only male of the three main characters. At the end of the first episode, Mariah, Naomi and Trey move into their first home.

The first half of the series concentrates on the development of the three main characters' skills, whilst the second half focused more on character development and relationships within the household.

Naomi often clashes with her housemates, getting into fights with Trey and Mariah and being disliked by both. However, Naomi later apologises to Mariah for her uncanny behaviour. An ongoing storyline throughout the first part of the series was the love triangle between Trey, Mariah and Sadie Mason. Eventually in the tenth episode, Trey asks Sadie to move in with them, causing friction within the house.

In the fourteenth episode, Trey became the first housemate to go on tour in another town. The following episode saw Mariah and Sadie's differences being resolved, ending in the pair befriending each other. In Part 15: "Master Acrobat", Naomi mastered her profession and received a Genie called Cindy Cromwell. She requested the wishes of Fortune and Love, before freeing the Genie in the nineteenth episode. She soon began in a relationship with Sadie's ex-boyfriend, Rich Richmond. Following this, in the twentieth episode, Mariah became pregnant via the sperm donation of Trey Doran. However, she lost the baby, and instead decided to adopt a child. She named her adoptive daughter Porsha, joining as the sixth member of the household.

Sadie begins a relationship with Akira Wang, thus cheating on Trey. Akira later finds out, publicly disgracing Sadie as a cheater. Trey eventually breaks up with Sadie as a result of this, though asks to remain friends; to which she accepts. Following this, Sadie departs. In Part 23: "Ginny", it becomes clear that Naomi's boyfriend, Rich, has been ignoring her. When he asks to go on a date with Cindy, she, being a Genie, banishes him from Starlight Shores.

After Sadie's exit in the twenty-third episode, Mariah and Trey grew closer, and eventually became romantically involved with each other; and later married in Part 28: "Wedding". The following episode, with the self-explanatory title "Egypt & Honeymoon", saw Mariah and Trey departing for their post-wedding vacation, and the first vacation of the series. The "Tomb Raiders" episode was the first episode to star a selection of cast members, with only Mariah and Trey appearing.

Sometime during their Honeymoon, Mariah and Trey conceived a baby. In Part 31: "House Party", Porsha cursed her adoptive father, Trey, turning him into a Zombie and making his moods low. In return, Mariah and Trey contemplated sending Porsha to Military School. Meanwhile, Mariah received the Genie, wishing upon a large family. In the same episode, Mariah gave birth to triplets, including two boys, Owen and Nathan, and one girl, Charlotte.

Since the episode "Wedding", Naomi had an ongoing relationship with Javed Mier, in a gold-digging storyline. In the penultimate episode of the series, "Murder", the Naomi saga came to an end when she moved out of the Doran household, marrying Javed and conceiving his children, followed by Naomi and Porsha submitting a plot to kill him. Whilst Naomi is sleeping, Porsha stabs Javed, killing him.

Mariah and Trey's relationship is broken off after allegations that Mariah had cheated. Mariah won the court case. During the triplets' birthday party, Porsha died in a house fire. In "Finale", Porsha is resurrected, and the Doran's story comes to an end. Naomi gives birth to Peyton and later adopts Phoebe; the series closes.


The Sims 3 Showtime LP has 35 episodes. 

1 Let There Be Sims May 11, 2014
2 Practice Makes Perfect May 12, 2014
3 Simfest May 16, 2014
4 First Gig May 18, 2014
5 Ride That Bull! May 22, 2014
6 Bull PWNED May 23, 2014
7 Triple Performance May 24, 2014
8 Fire Balls May 27, 2014
9 Dope May 31, 2014
10 Sadie June 5, 2014
11 Repo!  June 8, 2014
12 The NEW Mariah June 10, 2014
13 Thunder BOOM BOOM June 13, 2014
14 Simport June 17, 2014
15 Master Acrobat June 20, 2014
16 House Tour June 23, 2014
17 DJ Booth June 28, 2014
18 Make Me Fall in Love July 4, 2014
19 Free The Genie July 8, 2014
20 Impregnate July 16, 2014
21 Porsha July 21, 2014
22 Dumped July 24, 2014
23 Ginny July 29, 2014
24 Tatted Up August 1, 2014
25 The Break Up & Engagement August 4, 2014
26 Porsha The Hater August 9, 2014
27 Bachelorette Party August 9, 2014
28 Wedding August 13, 2014
29 Egypt & Honeymoon August 21, 2014
30 Tomb Raiders August 23, 2014
31 House Party August 25, 2014
32 OO Baby! Baby, Baby? August 28, 2014
33 Porsha's Birthday August 29, 2014
34 Murder August 30, 2014
35 Finale August 30, 2014

Additional Episodes

On August 16, 2014, between parts 28 and 29, two additional episodes under name Let's Decorate: TS3 Showtime House were released. Those episodes were showing Lifesimmer decorating new house for household from the Showtime LP. First episode was showing decorating downstairs, while second episode was showing upstairs and outside of the house.

List of Sims

Main characters

Sadie Mason became a regular character in the tenth episode, "Sadie". She featured in the series prior to this, but in a recurring tone. She departed in the twenty-third episode, "Ginny". Cindy Cromwell was a Genie who first appeared in "Master Acrobat", and was freed by Naomi in "Free the Genie", becoming a series regular. Porsha Swan joins the main cast as Mariah's adoptive daughter in the twenty-first episode, "Porsha".

In "OO Baby! Baby, Baby?" Mariah gave birth to triplets Owen, Nathan and Charlotte, thus completing the household.

Name Life stage Traits Profession Lifetime Wish Duration
Mariah Doran
(previously Swan)
  • Ambitious
  • Irresistable
  • Natural Born Performer
  • Over-Emotional
  • Party Animal
Singer Vocal Legend 1x01–1x35
(35 episodes)
Naomi Bender Adult
  • Diva
  • Frugal
  • Hot-Headed
  • Irresistable
  • Mooch
Acrobat Master Acrobat 1x01–1x35
(34 episodes)
Trey Doran Adult
  • Handy
  • Inappropriate
  • Insane
  • Natural Born Performer
  • Social Butterfly
Magician Master Magician 1x01–1x35
(35 episodes)
Cindy Cromwell Young Adult
  • Angler
  • Disciplined
  • Easily Impressed
  • Good
  • Loser
Genie W.R. Surgeon 1x19–1x35
(15 episodes)
Porsha Doran 
(previously Swan)
Young Adult
  • Adventurous
  • Artistic
  • Diva
  • Good Sense of Humor
  • Hot-Headed
None Master of the Arts 1x21–1x35
(13 episodes)
Owen Doran Baby
  • Insane
  • Neurotic
None None 1x32–1x35
(4 episodes)
Nathan Doran Baby
  • Clumsy
  • Slob
None None 1x32–1x35
(4 episodes)
Charlotte Doran Baby
  • Artistic
  • Virtuoso
None None 1x32–1x35
(4 episodes)

Former characters

Ginny made a guest appearance as a temporary replacement for Sadie. She was added to the household due to Genie Cindy Cromwell's mistake. Although it was in favor that she stayed a regular, she left at the end of the episode.

Name Life stage Traits Profession Lifetime Wish Duration
Sadie Mason Young Adult
  • Coward
  • Dislikes Children
  • Evil
  • Friendly
  • Virtuoso
Singer Vocal Legend 1x10–1x23
Ginny Vest Elder

Other characters

  • Rich Richmond (1x18–1x23) is Naomi's ex-boyfriend.
  • Akira Wang (1x21–1x22) is Sadie's ex-boyfriend. He broke up with her when he found out she was cheating.
  • Javed Meir (1x28–1x34) is Naomi's current fiancé, whom she is marrying for his money.
  • Debra (1x29–1x35) is the Butler of the main household.


  • The Sims 3: Showtime is the sixth expansion pack for The Sims 3.It was released on March 6, 2012.
  • On August 1, 2014, Lifesimmer announced that The Sims 3 Showtime LP will be done until September 2, 2014, so she can start The Sims 4 LP.
    • According that, the last part of Showtime LP was uploaded in August 30, 2014.
  • This is the second LP to feature additional "Let's Decorate" episodes, the first being The Sims 3 Pets LP.
  • LifeSimmer revealed in episode 29 of the LP that more Sims will be joining the household at a later date, however, it is unknown if this will happen considering that The Sims 4 LP is due to begin in September.

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