The Sims 3 Island Paradise LP
Theme Vacation
Total Episodes 35
First Episode June 24, 2013
Last Episode October 16, 2013
Unique Sims Kylie Mayor
Kayden Mayor
World(s) Isla Paradiso
Let's Play The Sims 3: Island Paradise is Lifesimmer's LP based around The Sims 3: Island Paradise expansion pack. Lifesimmer created two unique Sims; Kayden Mayor and Kylie Mayor who are brother and sister, fraternal twins. 


Twins Kayden and Kylie grew up in a military household, both mom and dad were military generals. Due to the military lifestyle, they travaled bases across the world, many interesting places, such as Lunar Lakes, Hidden Springs, France and Setra. Now when Kayden and Kylie are legally responsible of ther own, they decided to room together in a place not yet explored, a place only one can dream of - Isla Paradiso. The story continues now...

Kayden wanted a mermaid lover more than he wanted his own sister. He desperately wanted to meet his mermaid lover, so LifeSimmer used an "old hag" mermaid named Rosemarie to get her special mermaidic kelp, while Kylie went off and bought herself a resort. The resort, Kylie's Retreat, started off kind of questionable, but ended up being ranked 5-stars! It featured a wide variety of food, an in-ground pool, and even a hot tub. Plus, there was a golf course and a fire walk. One day, Kylie decided to go and check out the competition, so she went to a resort called La Costa de Verde.

She planned to stay the night, but was interrupted when she spotted a nude sim in labor. Kylie took the sim, Florita to the nearest hospital. Florita gave birth to a male witch baby named Gus.

Over the next few days, Kayden found Florita and wanted to make her his. Florita's witch son was now a child. Kayden and Florita woohooed at Florita's house for the first time. Gus was there, which made it kind of awkward. After Florita became Kayden's girlfriend, he got her pregnant, proposed marriage to her, and moved her in. However, Florita could only move in if her now teenage son, Gus, moved in. She couldn't care less about Gus, so she made him blow out the candles and move out.

When LifeSimmer spotted Florita for the first time, she was actually a normal sim. She might of gotten the mermaidic kelp from a mermaid sim, or maybe that was part of the storyline EA made.

In the last episode, the family hung out together and went on a boat ride. After 35 parts, the LP finally came to an end.


Island Paradise LP has total of 35 parts.

1 Create A Sim June 24, 2013
2 Snorkeling June 24, 2013
3 Scuba Diving June 25, 2013
4 Mermaids June 25, 2013
5 Wind Surfing June 26, 2013
6 Resort Upgrading June 26, 2013
7 Treasure Chest June 27, 2013
8 Sunburn! June 29, 2013
9 Mermadic Kelp July 1, 2013
10 Sharks July 3, 2013
11 WooHoo with your mom! July 5, 2013
12 Magical Gem July 7, 2013
13 Paddle Boat July 9, 2013
14 CPR July 12, 2013
15 Mermaid Woohoo July 14, 2013
16 Diving Jobs July 19, 2013
17 MerBaby July 20, 2013
18 New HouseBoat July 22, 2013
19 Isla Paradiso Fiesta July 24, 2013
20 Toddler Playing In Ocean July 30, 2013
21 Mission Impossible August 1, 2013
22 Blue Pee? August 4, 2013
23 The Kraken August 6, 2013
24 Royal Mermaid August 9, 2013
25 Hidden House August 13, 2013
26 Shark Fight! August 16, 2013
27 Carmen August 20, 2013
28 Woohoo Under Water August 25, 2013
29 Old Haggin' It August 29, 2013
30 Seal Attack September 4, 2013
31 All In One Bathroom Woohoo! Sptember 11, 2013
32 Castle & Naked Mermaid September 22, 2013
33 Affair & Die Gus October 5, 2013
34 Baby! October 12, 2013
35 Finale October 16, 2013

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