The Sims 3 Into the Future LP
Itf-cfThumbnail for Part 30 of Into the Future LP
Theme Time Travel
Total Episodes 30
First Episode October 22, 2013
Last Episode March 17, 2014
Unique Sims Lily Freeman
Brandy Freema
Cody Brown
World(s) Hidden Springs

Oasis Landing

Let's Play The Sims 3: Into the Future is Lifesimmer's LP based around Into the Future expansion pack for The Sims 3. Which is the last expansion for the sims 3


LifeSimmer created three unique sims for this Let's Play, all young adults; Lily Freeman, Brandy Freeman, and Cody Brown. Brandy and Cody met in high school, began dating and are engaged at the start of the series. They live with Brandy's younger sister, Lily Freeman. Brandy and Cody are "into technical stuff" and wants to visit the future, while Lily is unsure of what she wants to do wit her life and just tags along with them, hoping to find love in the futuristic world of Oasis Landing.

In Part 2: "Into The Future!", the family moved into Hidden Springs, and encountered the Time Portal to Oasis Landing. Brandy assists Emit Relevart in repairing the Time Portal. The family spends some time in Oasis Landing, where Cody got a job in the Bot Arena and Brandy got a job in the Astronomer career. Lily remains unemployed in Oasis Landing, so she has more time to explore around, and takes up the Rhythm-A-Con skill.

In Part 3: "Jet Pack Fail & Descendants", Cody visits one of his descendants, Diana Brown, at her home. His descendants are poor, so he has the option to improve his life in the part to benefit them in the future. Brandy created Cosma in Part 5: "Plumbots". Brandy and Cody got married in Part 9: "Utopian Marriage".

Brandy and Cody had a DNA baby named Indigo in Part 12: "DNA Baby!". Indigo spent the majority of her childhood in Oasis Landing, and due to the absence of a school building there she does not go to school. The majority of her teenhood was spent in the present in Hidden Springs, where she felt her true calling really was. Brandy & Cody adopted a girl called Violet.

Lily evetually meets Cody's descendant, Noel in the Dystopian future. They got together and got married in the present time.

In the finale, Cosma marries a female Plumbot named Wanda.


Into the Future LP has 30 episodes.

1 Create A Sim October 22, 2013
2 Into the Future! October 22, 2013
3 Jet Pack Fail & Descendants October 22, 2013
4 Utopia October 23, 2013
5 Plumbots October 24, 2013
6 DreamPod Woohoo October 26, 2013
7 Trait Chips! October 28, 2013
8 Syphon dat' TV! October 31, 2013
9 Utopian Marriage November 4, 2013
10 Plumbot Competition November 17, 2013
11 Lottery Tickets November 23, 2013
12 DNA Baby! November 27, 2013
13 Promotions, Birthdays & Emit! December 1, 2013
14 Jet Pack Woohoo & Loels Lounge December 13, 2013
15 Hotdogs & Present Day! December 18, 2013
16 Dystopian Future December 30, 2013
17 Alien Abduction!  January 8, 2014
18 FIRE January 13, 2014
19 Noel the Stink January 22, 2014
20 Its Time To Go Home January 27, 2014
21 New House Tour! February 2, 2014
22 Engagement February 3, 2014
23 Adoption February 9, 2014
24 Baby Making & Parties February 14, 2014
25 Cutest Prego Ever! February 18, 2014
26 Mastered! February 23, 2013
27 Legacy Statue March 1, 2014
28 Capacity Of Love March 9, 2014
29 Plumbot Love March 11, 2014
30 Finale March 17, 2014

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  • The Sims 3: Into the Future is eleventh and final expansion pack for The Sims 3. It was released on October 22, 2013.