Let's Play The Sims 2
Total episodes 38
First episode June 10, 2012
Last episode July 29, 2012
Unique Sims Lina Ashwood
Unique Pets Chloe Ashwood
Neighbourhood Pleasantview
Ts2 icon

Let's Play The Sims 2 is Lifesimmer's first LP based around The Sims 2 series. In this LP Lifesimmer shows off the aspects of The Sims 2 and it's expansions. Currently, the LP is set as unlisted on Lifesimmer's channel, so it isn't available by searching anymore. However, first four parts are accessible from "Lets Play The Sims 2" playlist.

All 38 parts are available from here.


Lina Ashwood and her dog Chole are created for this LP. After moving to Pleasantview, Lina gets employed in the education career and Chloe gets a pet job. Lina soon falls for the successful businessman Malcolm Ashwood. They date and Malcolm eventually moves in third episode. Malcom brings in several simoleons to the household, so Lifesimmer builds them a new house. For the next few parts, Malcom runs back and forth from home to his electronic superstore. However, in seventh episode, Malcom and Lina try for baby. Malcom takes pregnant Lina to a club Downtown to propose marriage to her. They plan to honeymoon in Twikki Island.

In Part 7 (Meet Marilyn), Lina has a baby girl named Marilyn. After Marilyn ages up into a toddler, her parents tie the knot and leave to honeymoon in Twikki Island, leaving Marilyn behind with a nanny. When they return they decide to have a second child, Aubrey. Marilyn soon ages up to a child (although terribly). When Aubrey is born The Ashwoods try to give her a better life than Marilyn had. When Aubrey ages up to a toddler, her appearance is hideous. She has a deformed face. Lifesimmer tries to hide it behind as much makeup as possible, but it doesn't seem to help. Lifesimmer has nicknamed her Troll due to her appearance. Aubrey grew into a child Part 21 (Troll's Birthday).


The Sims 2 University LP continues the story of The Ashwood Family. Lifesimmer was going to create another The Sims 2 LP in Belladonna Cove but she cancelled it after one part. 

1 Meet Lina and Cloe June 10, 2012
2 Yucky Juice June 11, 2012
3 New Home June 12, 2012
4 Holy Grail Of Money June 14, 2012
5 Pottery Barn ? 2012
6 New Uniforms 2012
7 The Proposal 2012
8 Meet Marilyn 2012
9 Whisper ! 2012
10 Birthday Girl ! 2012
11 Honeymoon 2012
12 Jolly Rodger ! 2012
13 Welcome Home 2012
14 Prego Lina 2012
15 BABY 2012 38 Goodbye Ashwoods July 29, 2012

List of Sims

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