LifeSimmer's Sims 4 Get To Work LP starts off with four sims, Brody Jetson, Jade Green, Bellatrix Nova and Levi Love. Jade is an artist who wants to open up a boutique which she laters does. Brody wants to be a detective and joins the detective career. Levi becomes a doctor and Bellatrix, an alien sim, becomes a scientist. Over the course of the series so far, Jade opens up her boutique, which LifeSimmer names Jade's Secret, after Victoria's Secret. Levi levels up in the doctor career and gets impregnated when he gets abducted by aliens.He later gives birth to two twin boys, also aliens, who LifeSimmer decides to name Cosmo and Galaxy. Bellatrix and Brody level up in their careers as well. Later on, Cosmo and Galaxy age up into kids and then teenagers, Levi gets pregnant again and has Neptune, who LifeSimmer changed into a girl so that she can explore the Get To Work female children CAS as well. Neptune is given the evil trait and LifeSimmer said that since she is an unwanted child, she will sort of plot against her family, sort of like Megan from Drake and Josh.

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