Lifesimmer's Reviews and Overviews are videos in which Lifesimmer showcases either game packs, store content or custom content.

Reviews and OverviewsEdit

All Lifesimmers's reviews and overviews, from newest to oldest:

The Last Venue of Amoure Store Venue August 7, 2014
Storybrook County Custom Content World August 5, 2014
World of Wonder Carousal Collection Store Venue June 5, 2014
The Now & Then Century Manor Store Venue May 1, 2014
Deliciously Indulgent Bakery Store Venue April 6, 2014
Bohemian Garden Store Set March 7, 2014
Prism Art Studiovh Store Venue February 6, 2014
Homecoming Store Set January 2, 2014
Roring Heights Store World December 11, 2013
Mother Russia Store Set November 21, 2013
Grandpa's Grove Store Venue November 11, 2013
One With Nature Store Set October 3, 2013
Movie Stuff Stuff Pack September 9, 2013
Farm Fresh Folk Set Store Set September 5, 2013
Surf's Up Sun and Fun Collection Store Set August 1, 2013
Business as Usual Bistro Store Venue July 18, 2013
Skylight Studio for the Performing Arts Store Venue June 22, 2013
Nautical Living Store Set June 6, 2013
Dragon Valley Store World May 30, 2013
Setra Betra Custom Content World May 25, 2013
Country Livin' ye ya Store Set April 6, 2013
Live, Laugh, Love Store Set March 26, 2013
Le Cinema Plumbob Store Venue March 18, 2013
Aurora Skies Store World February 22, 2013
70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff Stuff Pack February 3, 2013
Stones Throw Greenhouse Store Venue

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