Nicholas Riverhawk
Name Nicholas Riverhawk
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Life state Human
Romances Alexsis Ramos
Siblings None
Children Gwen Ramos
Tate Ramos
Marital status Dating
Hair color Brown
Eye color Grey
Skin color Light
Body shape Muscular
Traits Good Sense of Humor
Loves the Outdoors
Natural Cook
Green Thumb
Zodiac Sign Aries
Lifetime Wish The Perfect Garden
Favorite music Latin
Favorite food Fruit Parfait
Favorite color Green
Other information
Career Journalism
Appears Current Household
Neighborhood Hidden Springs

Nicholas Riverhawk is one of Sims from Lifesimmer's Current Household for July 2013.


Nicholas lives in Hidden Springs. He meets Alexsis Ramos who became his girlfriend. He got her impregante, but they didn't get married beacuse thay want to experence nightlife fun. That's why they moved to Setra. After Alexsis got pregant again, they moved back to Hidden Springs. 


  • His eyes are origially brown, but Lifesimmer changed them into grey.

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