Morgan Abel
Name Morgan Abel
Gender Female
Age Child
Life state Human
Parents Celina Abel
Richie Abel
Skin color Light
Traits Disciplined
Other information
Appears The Sims 3 Late Night LP
Neighborhood Bridgeport
Morgan Abel is the first and only child, born to Celina Abel and Richie Abel in part 22 of the Late Night LP.


As a toddler, Morgan was kind of neglected by her parents and spent much time on her own. Morgan was three days away from becoming a child, but Lifesimmer aged her up earlier, using the birthday cake in part 29.

This happened due to the fact that, Lifesimmer had realized that it would be better for little Morgan, and that she could do so much more as a child rather than just wait sit all day by herself.

Furthermore, the Abel's moved out and Morgan was seen a couple of times as a teenager and a young adult, at Eugi's, at Lacey's house parties and walking around Bridgeport. Aria made fun of her using her blog app.