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This Pet had a major role in some of Lifesimmer's let's plays.

Meadow Waters
Name Meadow Waters
Gender Female
Species Horse
Owner(s) Amber Waters
Andy Waters
Andrea Hamilton
Traits Obedient
Other information
Appears The Sims 3 Pets LP
Neighborhood Appaloosa Plains

Meadow Waters is the horse created for Lifesimmer's Pets LP.

Meadow spent the most of her time with Amber. She won many jumping and racing competitions and Lifesimmer states that her sims probably wouldn't be living in the nice house they live in now if it weren't for Meadow. Meadow was bred at the equestrian center. She was bred witha white horse named Cascade. She later gave birth to Rose Waters. Meadow raced all the way through her elder years. She died of old age. After Meadow's death, Amber became an emotional wreck.