Mandi Dilovini appears in Parts 1 and 7 of Let's Play The Sims 2 (Original). She is a fair-skinned girl with black hair in a ponytail. She wears a white top with a green jacket and shorts.

In Part One, she is seen when Lifesimmer clicks on the apartment she placed in Pleasantview. There the Dilovini family is seen (which consists of Mandi and her daughter), but neither of them were named.

Later in Part Seven, Lina was recently proposed to by Malcom and the happy couple is leaving the restaurant. Mandi is seen dancing and falls on the floor due to a low dance skill. Lifesimmer later comments on this, stating Mandi is cute and laughs when she falls.

It is possible that Mandi was originally made to be the main character of the Let's Play, as Lifesimmer had restarted Pleasantview for the Let's Play, the only change being the apartment with Mandi and her daughter.

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