Julian Santiago
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Name Julian Santiago
Gender Male Male
Age (Start) TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Human
Romances (Presumed) Mrs Santiago
Romantic Interest
Marital status Single
Child(ren) Zane Santiago
Roommates Bianca Baez
Mindi O'Hara
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3 Black
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3G Icon The Sims 3 Generations LP Series
Neighborhood Lucky Palms

Julian Santiago is Zane's father in The Sims 3 Generations LP. He didn't appear in Season 2 despite being the grandfather of Kendra Santiago, Isaac Santiago, Lindy Santiago, Aiden Santiago and Tanner Santiago. He featured as the guardian of the second "New Kids on the Block".


Not much is known about Julian because he wasn't part of the active household in the Generations LP. He lived with his son and two other Sims of whom he was the guardian: Mindi and Bianca.

He is described as "humble" by Lifesimmer as he raised Zane all alone in the absence of Zane's mother. It is possible that Julian was a Teen father because he was a Young Adult parent to Teenage Zane, which is rare in normal gameplay.

Julian was a prospective boyfriend of Luna Fenderson, but no relationship developed between them because Luna's sister Penelope married Zane, which would have made Luna her own sister's mother-in-law. It can be assumed that Julian left Lucky Palms after the events of Season 1.

If Julian were still a member of the series, he would be dead.


  • In the Season 1 finale, when Justine was throwing a party, it is seen on party planner that Julian is still a Young Adult. This is odd because he should have became an Adult sometime between Parts 34 and 45; Zane and Julian are the same age.
  • He is the only member of the Fenderson-Santiago family that didn't appear in the second season. 
  • Julian may have Spanish roots as the name "Santiago" originates in Spain.