Felicia Bonilla
Name Felicia Bonilla
Gender Female
Age Young Adult
Life state Human
Marital status Single
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Skin color Light
Body shape Thin
Lifetime Wish Alchemy Artisan
Other information
Felicia Bonilla is a sim created for Lifesimmer's Surf's Up Sun and Fun Collection Overview


It is not much known about Felica, since she was only used to show hairstyles, cloting and premium content items that came with Surf's Up Sun and Fun Collection. 

It is known that she is from Isla Paradiso. Her surfing station was placed at the resort from Isla Paradiso, so Felicia probably owns the resort. She also lives alone, hinting that she is single.


  • It is seen in the video that Felicia has the Alchemy Artisan lifetime wish, suggesting she has an interest in alchemy.
  • In Create A Sim, When Lifesimmer was showing items from the set, she switched Felicia's ages, so she has toddler, child and elder form.
  • When she moved in Isla Paradiso, she got Learn The Handiness Skill wish, so one of her traits may be Handy.