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Lifesimmer's Dragon Valley Overview is a 32 minute special uploaded on May 30, 2013. One Sim was created, named Danelle Bain.

Dragon Valley is downloadable world from The Sims 3 Store. 


Danelle Bain moves to Dragon Valley in search of a Dragon egg! She explores the Dragon Tavern where she finds and steals a Dragon egg. Later on, Danelle goes into the town to shoot some bows and arrows and play the violin. When Danelle returns home, her egg hatches and a purple Dragon named Coco is born. In the end, Danelle has ended up with household full of baby dragons! 

Danelle BainEdit

Danelle Bain
Name Danelle Bain
Gender Female
Age Young Adult
Life state Human
Other information
Danelle Bain was the only Sim created for Dragon Valley Overview. She moved to Dragon Valley to find a Dragon egg, which she found in the Dragon Tavern and stole it. The egg hatched Danelle's pet purple Dragon named Coco. Danelle ended up purchasing a bunch of dragon eggs.