Dragon Valley
Dragon valley
Welcome to Dragon Valley, a land of myth and fantasy. It's been years since any adult dragons have terrorized this peaceful town but it's not yet time to rest. The elven Sims of Dragon Valley are working to ensure that their military is up to par, their citizens are prepared for disaster, and that the scientific techniques they've used to keep the dragonlings small stay intact. The skies may be clear for now, but beneath the surface a conflict is brewing between the Mithrilen and O'Connell families for control of town. It’s tradition vs. progress; on which side will you stand?
Name Dragon Valley
Game(s) The Sims 3 Store
Dragon Valley is a world for The Sims 3. It is available for purchase on The Sims 3 Store. The town plays host to a classic medieval theme, entangled with elements of magic and mythology.

So far, Lifesimmer has not included Dragon Valley in any form of Let's Play, excluding her Dragon Valley review.

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