Cosma Freeman
Name Cosma Freeman
Gender Female
Age Immortal
Life state Plumbot
Parents Brandy Freeman (Creator)
Siblings None
Children None
Hair color Pink
Traits Competent Cleaner


Steel Chef


Capacity to Love

Lifetime Wish N/A
Other information
Cosma Freeman is a plumbot in Into the Future LP. She was invented by Brandy.


Cosma was used as the household's maid. She cleaned up after the family and repaired broken objects around the house. Towards the end of Into the Future, she received the Capacity to Love trait chip from Brandy. With the Capacity to Love trait chip, she fell in love with another plumbot, who was was recently revealed to be a female. In the final part of the LP, Cosma married this plumbot, that Lifesimmer named Wanda.

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