Name Clementine
Gender Female
Age 11
Life state Human

Ed - Father, Diana - Mother,

Lee Everett (Guardian)

Spouse N/A


Children N/A
Hair color Black
Traits N/A
Other information
Career N/A
Let's Play The Walking Dead

Clementine is from The Walking Dead, seasons 1-2.

Season 1 Edit

In Episode 1, A New Day, Lee Everett is going to jail for killing the man who his ex-wife cheated on him with. The car then crashes and Lee must kill the reanimated police officer. He then meets Clementine, a young 8 year old girl.

Season 2Edit

Clementine is now eleven-years old and much less naive. She has been staying with a pregnant Christa and Omid for an unknown amount of time. Omid is then shot and killed by Michelle. Clementine then stays with Christa for 16 months before being seperated. She ends up being bit by a dog named Sam. Two men, Luke and Pete find her and save her from walkers. Her bite is discovered, and believed to be a walker bite. She wakes up surrounded by a group of unfamiliar people, other then Pete from earlier. One man, Nick, almost shoots her. They then decide to put her in the shed until morning, if she had a fever, then they'd know if she was going to turn. She sneaks out of the shed, obtains enough supplies to stitch up her arm, with the help of another girl, Sarah. She stitches up her arm, and the group takes her inside. The next day, she goes with Nick and Pete, and they discover deceased bodies. Pete becomes bitten, and Clementine has to choose between going to Nick or Pete. Lifesimmer chooses to rescue Pete.