Bailey Gunther
Name Bailey Gunther
Life state Human (formerly)
Vampire (formerly)
Romances Luke Gunther
Children Liam Gunther
Noah Gunther
Faith Gunther
Marital status Married
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Skin color Light
Body shape Thin
Traits Loner
Supernatural Fan
Light Sleeper
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Favorite music Indie
Favorite food Pancakes
Favorite color Pink
Other information
Appears The Sims 3 Supernatural LP
Neighborhood Moonlight Falls
Bailey Gunther (née Swain) is one of premade Sims in Moonlight Falls. She is part of The Sims 3 Supernatural LP.


Originally, Bailey was a human sim that Raven turned into a zombie with an elixir. Somehow she cured herself and was human again. Then, Luke Gunther took an intrest in her, after she became a vampire. Luke moved in with Bailey after becoming romantic interests. After Luke's death however, Bailey was heartbroken. She gave up her immortal life of a vampire to become a genie in hope to magically restore Luke, this didn't work and she was stuck a blue genie without Luke. Bailey was despeate to save Luke, so eventually she obtained a genie lamp. Bailey wished Luke was restored and he was. Unfortuntaly, Luke's memory of loving Bailey was gone. But, They started dating again, married, and had triplets. Bailey got plastic surgery to fix her blue skin.