Albert Fenderson
Name Albert Fenderson
Species Goldfish
Owner(s) Justine Fenderson
Joseph Fenderson
Luna Fenderson
Penelope Fenderson
Jai Fenderson
Ava Fenderson
Traits None
Other information
Appears The Sims 3 Generations LP
Neighborhood Lucky Palms
Albert Fenderson is the pet goldfish in The Sims 3 Generations LP.  


Albert lived in the fish bowl in the Fenderson's kitchen. He was ultimately ignored until his tragic death, only to be promptly replaced with Albert II by Justine. While Justine and Joseph didn't want the kids to know that Albert had died, replacing him was an exercise in futility because nobody really knew who Albert was.


  • Albert is named after a design producer whom Lifesimmer greatly adored at the time.